Welcome to DeKalb Masonic Lodge 144

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Tuesday Jun 12th, 2012 4:43 pm
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Welcome to DeKalb Masonic Lodge 144

Welcome to Dekalb Masonry. DeKalb Lodge No. 144 began with the 15th annual communication of the Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois, in the city of Springfield, on Monday, October 2 1854. The committee on Lodge Universal Degree recommended that DeKalb Lodge be issued a charter as the DeKalb Lodge No. 144. A charter was issued that very morning and was signed by James L. Anderson, Grand Master of Illinois, and Harmon G. Reynolds, Grand Secretary. The only members of DeKalb lodge whose names appeared on the charter were Titus C Wetmore, WM, E.B. Gilbert, and J.H. Burhardt. The DeKalb Lodge is currently 154 years old. Many of the names appearing in its early records contain the names of most of the prominent early settlers and names of prominent community builders who followed them. Many of members of DeKalb Lodge are still prominent members of the community at large and still hold important positions within our local communities. Politicians, doctors, lawyers, ministers, police officers, firemen, professors, teachers, businessmen, and workers in all kinds of classifications have been meeting in the lodge as brothers of like mindedness.

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